Brooklyn, New York native Samuel I. Reiner founded S.I.R. Webbing, Inc. in 1974.

reels of webbingOur webbing is used in a myriad of industries.  We sell webbing for seatbelts to the automobile industry.  We also sell webbing to customers in the medical supply industries for such medical supplies as harnesses and straps with buckles for wheel chairs, gurneys and all restraints.  You will also be interested in our webbing if you are in the gun case and holster industries. Also saddle and tack, duffle, tote and hand bags, military straps with buckles needed for many types of military equipment. We also sell webbing for elastic belts with buckles, police, animal harnesses, tie downs for tarps, tent tie downs and sporting safety straps would be just some of the industries we sell our webbing to.  If you are in need of any of these items think of SIR Webbing, Inc. for all your webbing needs.